Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Hello, this is my first blog. It is great to get the first blog started. It would be like my first touchdown in high school on an interception return but the quarterback, I’m embarrassed to say, got me. I never got that first high school touchdown. I will get it over the goal line here. My call is to preach the gospel.
The Lord has used me as a pastor, evangelist, school chaplain, football team chaplain, and in other ways to preach the gospel. I was the pastor of two churches from 1995-2001 and then was at Riverside Military Academy for eight years as their chaplain. After being at an all male boarding school I am convinced about the doctrine of total depravity, just kidding, though I am convinced on that doctrine.
The Lord has blessed me since leaving Riverside in June. I have had invitations to fill in preach at churches and serve as a youth camp bible teacher. I counseled and officiated a young coach's wedding. He has had me preaching, serving and teaching week to week through August. I have been privileged to preach the life changing gospel. Now I have to preach to myself.
God is sovereign and His call is sure- though it may be seen as foolish in our eyes when he calls someone like me who had to take speech classes in elementary school. It embarrassed me greatly back in school.
It’d O.K Mrs. Mundy was my beautiful young speach teacher and she looked like Marlo Thomas from the T.V. show 'That Girl'. I get over embarrassment quickly.
I need to look at my sovereign King and rest in the assurance of His call.
Pastor search committees for churches move slower than a preacher who wants to preach wants. I remember in the Baptist church of my youth it took almost two years to call a pastor. We got one finally. He resigned before his first Christmas. I guess pastor search committees can get frustrated also.
After a long break from college I moved back to Oxford, Mississippi to finish my degree at Ole Miss. I was married with a newborn. The local First Baptist pastor had just resigned.
We were going to join that church but I told my wife it would take two years for them to get a pastor. We moved back to Georgia two years exactly as I completed my degree.
That week the local Oxford Eagle newspaper on it’s headline read “First Baptist Announces New Pastor”. Frustrating. Lot’s of Baptist pastors but Baptist churches have a time finding pastors. During this two year time in Mississippi my family and I started attending a Methodist church in walking distance of where we lived. A few years later, I finally entered full time ministry but in the United Methodist denomination as apastor for six years, frst in Flowery Branch and the in Lula, Georgia. My DNA was Baptist and I was later ordained a Baptist preacher while I served in my first year as the Riverside Military Academy chaplain.
I have heard it said pastor search committees could hear Billy Graham and one member would say “let’s wait to we hear that next guy from Alabama”. A pessimist once said if a committee could not get the job done in six months they should be disbanded with no one on the old committee being allowed to serve on the new committee.
Again the Lord’s calling is sure. I need to be able to know from Isaiah 40:29-31 HCSB: “He gives strength to the weary and strengthens the powerless. Youths may faint and grow weary, and young men stumble and fall, but those who trust in the LORD will renew their strength; they will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary; they will walk and not faint.” I did not know where I would pastor before or that I would be a chaplain. He has had me preaching for fourteen plus years. I will trust Him. I will preach in a junkyard if He wants me to.


  1. Fletch you are a loyal, hardworking, multi-talented servant of God and I am sure He has a great plan for you. This time you are going to stiff arm the quaterback for six!

  2. Thanks for your support. We will all get in the paint.