Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What God builds on in a Church

1) Expositional Preaching from the Holy Word- We can share humorous stories at lunch.
To little time and way to much Word to preach.
2) Biblical Theology- God is consistent in all 66 books that he is our Creator, Sustainer and Redeemer.
3) The Gospel- Jesus Christ, fully God and man, lived a perfect life, died for my sins, His Righteousness placed on me, my sins were placed on Him at the cross. He Resurrected in Glory and sits at the right hand of the father and he will return for and with His own one day.
4) Biblical Understanding of conversion. Do you know and believe that the gospel of Jesus Christ is the world's one and only hope for salvation and peace with God? Do you believe it enough to learn and share it?
5) A Biblical Understanding of Evangelism- Do you understand that salvation is of the Lord.
Do you understand it when we say sinners hear the gospel, repent and believe the gospel.
Raising hands, baptism a prayer does not save us. Salvation is of the lord.
6) A Biblical Understanding of Church membership- God saves us totally. We are totally His in our attendance, worship, gifts, and service.
7) Biblical Discipline- The goal is not to shatter lives. The goal is to get sinners who are shipwrecking their lives and family to repent and turn back to the Savior. This restores lives and families.
8) A Concern For Discipleship and Growth- You were "Born Again". Don't stay an infant. Grow in knowledge and service and in worship!
9) Biblical Church leadership- These men are called to a high standard. They must strive to live a life of faith in Christ. They have souls in their care.
10) Humbly pray that the Lord will strengthen us to this high calling and impossible to perfect standard.

How You Can Start A New Church

1) No Expositional or Bible text preaching-That's old timey. Lifestyle coaching is hot on TV.
2) No Biblical Theology-Who are you to say you or God has a single interpretation?
3) No exclusive Gospel. Who are you to say that their is only one way to Heaven and peace with God?
4) Conversion-it can mean many things-have an open mind.
5) Why Evangelize and insult people from other cultures?
6) Church membership- Hey easy on this obligation business. People are busy today.
7) Church Discipline- was out with the Puritans, you want to be a Puritan?.
8) Discipleship and growth equals fun programs. Crowds mean good stuff is happening at church.
9) Biblical Church Leadership-We need people that can relate and help us be relevant.
10) Repent-You have just created another social club and service organization.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas poem-3 Things About the Christmas Babe

3 Things About The Christmas Babe

3 Kings presented alms to the Babe we are told

Because it is written their were 3 gifts

Gold, Frankincense and myrrh

Representing His life, death and return

The Babe lowly meek and mild left the world on a row of three crosses

3 men were on the 3 crosses

The 1 was a Babe was covered in 3 things

My sin, infirmity and desertion

The Babe left the world with 3 words

"It Is finished"

We received 3 gifts from His life, death and Resurrection

Forgiveness of sin, fellowship with the Father, eternal life in Glory

1 of the 3 on the row of crosses went to 3 places

death, the grave then hell

1 of the 3 went to 3 places

death, the grave and then to Paradise

The 1 Babe of Christmas on the cross went to 3 places

death, a tomb and to be seated at the right hand next to His Father

After his Resurrection He was seen doing 3 things on Earth

Fellowshipping, eating and forgiving

The 1 Babe ascended into Heaven for 3 things

To be glorified, rule and prepare to return

The Babe will judge us all on 3 things

Faith, Hope and Love

The 1 Babe is part of 3 The Father,Son and Holy Ghost

The 1 Babe is the same in 3 ways

Yesterday, today and forever

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I never thought I would copy Furman Bisher of The Atlanta Journal or Phil Jackson from The Gainesville Daily Times, sportswriters I have read regularly growing up, but here is my Thanksgiving column.
I am thankful salvation is of the LORD and not me or dependant on my actions.
I am thankful for the life of my great mother who passed away in February.
I am thankful for her love, example, and even the discipline.
I am thankful for a Dad who is still a great example at 80.
I am thankful Ruth Hunter's intercessory prayer for me to get a wife was heard back in 1982.
I met Kay the same week. We were married in 1984.
I am thankful my wife Kay displays grace daily.
I am thankful for my son Graham.
I am thankful that a silly game like football can bring joy, and frustration.
I am thankful for all the jobs I have had and will have by God's providence.
I am thankful I had coaches who pushed me hard and encouraged me.
I am thankful for all of my Sunday School teachers who stayed faithful to the Word.
I am thankful to the call on my life to "preach Christ and Him crucified".
I am thankful for my friends, brother and sisters.
I am thankful that I have a friend that sticks closer than a brother.
I am thankful this is not my best life now.
I am thankful that God will preserve me till the end through Jesus Christ our Lord.

In Christ Alone!


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Football Pick'em Week 12 Just win Baby Rivalry Week 2 Final

As your commissioner I decree in the spirit of NASCAR, MLB and every leauge that tries to keep everybody in the playoffs despite their record- if you win this week's special 3 week final you will be declared a co winner with BooBoo "The Unstoppable". You will receive the prize [Certificate declaring you the most esteemed of all men in football prognostication, and a gift certificate to the Collegiate Grill] at our Redeemer Baptist Christmas party at the Collegiate Grill Thursday Night December 17TH at 7:00 PM.
So it's rivalry week and State Championships. "Just Win Baby" and this means you Mark Richt.
Mohide, Lewis, Graham, Pork, Johnny, Kimba, Kailen, Siverado, Helen Perry, Junebug, Steve Parks, Hammond and any newcomers you can still win the "esteem of all men "as a football prognosticator.
Hunkerdown and win burgers and esteem.

Friday High School Playoffs
1. Cairo at Gainesville[Gainesville]
2. Flowery Branch @ Carver Columbus[The Branch knows how to road game]
Dec. 5TH College
3. Georgia at Tech[GT because UGA 7 checked out early not to see this]
4. Clemson at South Carolina [South Carolina]
5. Wake Forrest at Duke [Duke]
6. Ole Miss at Mississippi State[Ole Miss]
7. Oklahoma State at Oklahoma[Oklahoma Sooners]
8. Miami at South Florida[USF]
9. Florida State at Florida[Florida]
10. Utah at BYU[BYU]
11. Arkansas at LSU[LSU]
12. Tennessee at Kentucky[Kentucky]
13. UCLA at USC[USC]
14. Navy at Hawaii[Navy]
December 3
15. Oregon State at Oregon[O,regon]
December 5TH
16. West Virginia at Rutgers[Rutgers]
17. Cincinnati at Pitt[Cincinnati]
18. South Florida at UCONN[UCONN]
Dec 5Th Championships
19. Florida vs. Alabama SEC[Florida]
20. Georgia Tech vs. Clemson ACC[GT]
21. Texas vs. Nebraska Big 12[Texas]
December 12Th
22. Army vs. Navy[Navy]
Tie breakers
Guess the Georgia High School State Champs
AAAAA-[Camden County]
Total points in the tech Georgia Game [72]
Heisman winner-[My man crush i declare to all-TEBOW]

Just Win Baby!
Have Fun Turkey week.
In Christ Alone!


Sunday, November 15, 2009

10 questions answered about Redeemer Baptist Church Plant

Redeemer Baptist Church Plant
Fletcher Law Planter/Pastor
PO Box 776 Gainesville GA 770 561 2609
Launch Date April 4TH Easter 2010

10 Questions Answered About Redeemer Baptist Church

1. Why another new church in Gainesville and Hall County?
And what is a church plant?
In the New Testament the Apostles and especially Paul planted new churches. Planting expands the kingdom, helps evangelism through conversion of previously unreached people, and gives more opportunity for other Christians to use their gifts in servant leadership in a new church.
Over 80% of 47,000 people in a five mile radius from the Gainesville Civic Center are not in church and most provoking of all is they do not worship Christ.
A church plant is simply starting a new church for the glory of God through the work of Jesus Christ his exalted only son.

2. What is your church's vision?
And what about your slogan
We are after women and kids also.
Our church vision is to target men. Why? Men often are the hardest to reach. When men are converted to Christ they attend and lead their families and friends to church. Yes, we are looking for bad men because humbled men know they need The Savior.
YES we want and will have active women and kids. Men have to get moving.

3. What does W.E.E are the church mean?
W.E.E is the purpose for the church. Worship the living Lord in His biblical sanctioned way, Edification [Discipleship in building up the believer in biblical maturity] and then they are ready to participate in Evangelism of the lost as their only hope is in Jesus Christ crucified for their sins.
That is what we do. We accomplish this in missions and ministry. This is what separates us from the Rotary Club.

4. What will worship be like?
Bible centered and God honoring. No mimes, Rock or Rap concerts or puppets or I-phone drawings. We will base our worship on the God sanctioned worship as stated in the Bible. The preached word is the center of our worship. Music will be singable and congregation based with God honoring words. We will preach, pray, sing, say, and see (through the Lord's Supper and Baptism) the Bible in God honoring sanctioned worship.

5. What are your sermons inspired from?
THE BIBLE. We have way to little time and way too much Holy Scripture to preach or hear about feelings and being a bigger better you. We will leave that to Dr. Phil and Oprah. We will have expositional preaching which means we will always preach from a Biblical text.

6. What is your evangelism model?
And how do you define the gospel?
Our Evangelism model comes from Jesus. He presented the the law to the rich ruler to show him he needed a Savior [Luke 18:18-23]. Jesus presented the gospel to Zacchaeus as Zacchaeus was humbled from breaking the law and was ready to receive a Savior who is Christ Jesus [Luke 19:1-10]. Jesus to Nicodemus made it crystal clear that in salvation you must be "Born Again" and it is necessary [john 3:1-21-].
THE GOSPEL is simply Christ perfect life placed on us as our sins were placed on Jesus on the cross. We are saved by imputed righteousness in this glorious transaction. We are made right with God by the imputed character of Christ. He took our punishment for breaking God's law. Through Christ alone and His perfect life death and Resurrection we are saved.

7. What are your church plans through this LAUNCH Easter April 4Th 2010?
And what does launch mean?
We will launch or have weekly worship starting on Easter April 4TH 2010. In January 2010 We have weekly Bible Study starting January 5TH Tuesday night focusing on the book of John starting 7:00 PM at Jack Waldrip Reall Estate.
We have worship now the first Sunday of each month [ Jan 3RD, Feb. 7Th, March 7Th], We "Launch " weekly worship starting Easter April 4TH. Launch means we will be a weekly worshipping church starting on Easter April 4Th 2010. We meet for worship at Riverside Chapel Memorial Park/ Funeral Home North 989 Riverside drive located between Green's Grocery and Zaxby's.

8. How will you get the word out in the community about Redeemer Baptist Church?
We plan to have mail outs, radio adds, and Facebook communication. The best way to get the word out is for you to personally invite friends and attend with friends.

9. How can people contact you and the church?
Redeemer Baptist Church, PO Box 776, Gainesville, GA 30501, 770 561 2609

10. Where do y'all meet?
Worship is held at Riverside Chapel Memorial Park/North across from Little Italy and next to Zaxby's on Riverside Drive.
bible Study meets on Sunday evenings at 6:30 at Jack Waldrip Real Estate at 200 West Academy Street next to the library in Gainesville.

Our name is Redeemer because "Christ Redeemed us from the curse of the law" [Galatians 3:13] We are Baptist by theology as we cherish the truth of scripture, salvation in Christ alone, baptism of believers, congregational leadership, local church autonomy and the security of believer's salvation in Christ Jesus.

In Christ Alone!

Fletcher Law

Football Pick'em week 11 rivalry week #1

What a week. What have we learned. Dexter McCluster [Run DMC] changed Lane Kiffen's face from Big Orange to Big Lemon. Region 7-AAA might be the best region in Georgia AAA football. Beat a rival and things look better don't they Coach Richt? [And it's even more awesome when you squish an insect CMR next week in your last game].
As Coach Allen Reinhardt used to say tho be the best "You got to beat the goodun's, bad'uns and all them in between."
Pickers keep chasing BooBoo. Thanksgiving will be a bonus week next week and still be able to win a prize to wrap up our regular season. We play by NASCAR rules and I am Bill France which, means I make up the rules as I go. So hang in their. You might be "the most esteemed of all men and football pickers" winner at the Redeemer Baptist Christmas Party [and Football Pick'em Awards Banquet] on Thursday December 17Th at the Collegiate Grill at 7:00 PM.
Let's get it on.
Prep Playoff
1. Dunwoody at Gainesville[Big Red]
2. St. Pious at North Hall [North Hall]
3. Grady at Flowery Branch [Flowery Branch]
4. Jefferson at Buford [Buford]
5.Duke at Miami [Miami]
6. Ohio State at Michigan [Ohio State]
7. North Carolina at Boston College [Boston College]
8. Mississippi State at Arkansas [Arkansas]
9. Northern Illinois at Ohio [Ohio]
10. UCONN at Notre Dame [Notre Dame]
11. LSU at Ole Miss [Ole Miss and stop the Billy Cannon replays, Rebs beat them in the Sugar Bowl the same year]
12. Baylor at Texas A&M[Baylor]
13. UAB at East Carolina [East Carolina]
14. Purdue at Indiana [Indiana]
15. Wisconsin at Northwestern [Northwestern]
16. Air Force at BYU [Air Force]
17. SMU at Marshall [SMU]
18. Cal at Stanford [Stanford]
19. Kansas State at Nebraska[Kansas State]
20. Kentucky at Georgia [Georgia]
21. Falcons at Giants [Giants]
#1 How many Tennessee football players will be arrested this week? [0, vandy not a felony worthy game]
[The count starts at 12:01 AM Monday]
You win the tiebreaker if you guess correctly the hoodie color. [Black is the color of choice]
#2 [yes or no] Gainesville will score over 40 points against Dunwoody Friday? [No]
#3 How many yards will Wayshaun Ealey gain against Kentucky Saturday? [112 yards]

Pick Hard, Fair and Square.
Have some fun this week.

In Christ Alone!


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

"Try Jesus" Is A Horrible Evangelism Tactic

People , including me, are very sensitive towards things that get close to them.
We are scared because we get hurt. Confrontation needs to happen and is not always a bad thing.
I think the Army wishes they had confronted the psychiatrist that murdered our Fort Hood soldiers last week. Their are many reasons we all hold back in doing what needs to be done. We do not know the consequences until it is too late.
As I look back I hate to see evidence where I was half hearted in Christian living or witness.
Our actions that lead to spectacular good or bad consequences or indifference can only be done once. Sinners, which is all of us, need the gospel presented to them as what it is. The gospel is what the sinner has to have for forgiveness and peace with God.
We have to check our motives. I have prayed for and pondered boldness in sharing the gospel. We can wait until our influence is gone. Sometimes we can wait on the right time and depend on something called relational evangelism. This is a horrible strategy. What am I afraid of-that I believe what I preach?
People need the gospel. There is not another way. We can not get people to "try Jesus."
We can not keep the moral law. Conversion, death to sin and self and being alive in Christ is not an option. It's humanities one and only glorious hope that God designed for us to be restored to Him. Ch
We must confront people with the gospel. It will be successful by God's decree. How it succeeds depends on Him. We are sinners and Christ through His life, death burial and resurrection saves us and substituted His perfect life for our horrible and despicable sin. Offer Christ as not a life style to try -offer Christ as God's chosen way to have peace with Him!
You try a new gym, snow skiing, tennis, palates[whatever that is], new habits.
With Christ Jesus you die to your old self and sins, you bow and come and submit to King Jesus.

In Christ Alone!


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Playoff time, Bring Your A game Football Pick'em week 11

Sports cliches are popping. To put it in NASCAR terms Silverado says BooBoo its the money lap and I'm in your mirror on the 3rd turn. It's crunch time, it's go time ah let's just get it on.
Questions to ponder"Are black uniforms gone for the Auburn game? Does Flowery Branch have anything left? Does Gainesville have it for five weeks more?
This weeks schedule will bust you up like a Devon "Dewey" Lyles form tackle on Anthony King circa the1974 Gainesville over Hab Central region championship.
Let's get it on.
Prep Playoffs
1. Riverside at Callaway-[ Callaway, but Cadets get 2nd GHSA playoff spot in 2 years back from GISA]
2. Pepperell at Buford-[Buford]
3. Ringold at North Hall-[North Hall]
4. Flowery Branch at Ridgeland-[The Branch is still a good team.]
5. Lakeview/Fort Oglethorpe at Gainesville-[Big Red keeps rolling.]
6. West Virginia at Cincinnati- [Cincinnati]
7. Houston at Central Florida -[Houston]
8. Tennessee at Ole Miss-[Reb's Mule game II for Archie]
9. Michigan State at Purdue-[Michigan State]
10. Michigan at Wisconsin-[Wisconsin]
11. Miami at North Carolina-[North Carolina]
12. GT at Duke-[GT]
13. Clemson at NC State-[Clemson]
14. Kentucky at Vandy-[Kentucky just ain't as sorry as Vandy]
15. Missouri at Kansas State-[K State, Snyder makes a stand for grumpy old men everywhere]
16. UAB at Memphis- [Memphis-Tigers have never done as well as with Tommy West. They have a West Georgia budget and facilities and want SEC results.]
17. UTEP at SMU-[SMU]
18. Arizona at Cal-[Arizona]
19. Tulane at Rice-Tulane [Like the Tulane Greenies to win but they are not as good as the old Candler Street Greenies.]
20. Washington at Oregon State[Washington]
21. Florida at South Carolina[Florida]
22. Auburn at Georgia[Auburn though hate it]
23. Utah at TCU[TCU]
24. Troy State at Arkansas[Troy gets a donation from Arthur Blank for the upset]
25. Notre Dame at Pitt[Pitt]
26. Falcons at Panthers[Falcons]
#1 Will Gainesville score over 40 points?Yes
#2 How many TD's will Tebow score this week?2
#3 How many yards will #24 Wayshaun Ealey gain for the Dawgs vs. Auburn?72

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

In The Arena With The Gospel

This Sunday we had our second worship service at Redeemer Baptist.
We worship the first Sunday of each month until Easter 20010.
Our subject in Scripture was Acts 17:16-34.
Teddy Roosevelt wrote a famous speech at the end of WWI and he talked about the man in the arena and how failure and sideline scoffers are of no value. The credit lies in the man in the arena who valiantly tries though errs and is discouraged.
In the life of the Apostle Paul he has just left Silas and Timothy in Berea. In Berea the God seeking Jews heard their gospel message and received it gladly for they compared the gospel message to their Old Testament scriptures. Great success. That's what I want in every endeavor.
I want success-tangible, touchable countable success.
I think every gospel preacher wants the Holy Ghost to fall on his service, and people come to repent of their sins and be born again.
I want people to respond like the Philippians jailer in Acts 16:30 and ask "What must I do to be saved?" after the sermon.
Paul was in Athens now. These Greeks valued their rich history of education and philosophy.
They would come to the Areopagus [an amphitheater shewn out of a marble hill] and debate. Civil cases were heard there. In Greek mythology the gods deliberated there.
Mars Hill.
Paul was in the arena.
These people were different from those of Berea.
The were educated yet arrogant. Some mocked Paul. They heard these new ideas and mocked them. They referred to Paul as a babbler or seed picker. They compared him to a lightweight bird who bounced around to from idea to idea like a little bird from seed to seed. They were great minds. They looked down on Paul though Paul was a great intellectual in reality.
What did Paul do? Complain? Insult? Quit? HE DEFENDED HIS FAITH.
Acts 17:16 says Paul was provoked.
Paul was provoked that God was not glorified in this arrogant place.
Paul was on the attack like a warrior in an army.
His anger and passion were not against the arrogant Athenians.
He was at war against those who took glory from the living God with false idols, and hell.
Paul had compassion for the lost people arrogant in their sins. Paul new them because he once was one of those people. Paul had the highest education available for a Jewish/Roman man of his culture. He persecuted Christians until Christ Jesus knocked him off his high horse and Paul repented of his sins and received the grace and peace with God made available only though the work of Christ on the cross where Christ paid for our sins and imputed His righteousness on those who believe the life saving gospel. Paul knew scripture before. Paul had now experienced the forgiveness and pardon for sins that only King Jesus can give.
Paul told the Athenians he knew they were very religious by their many idols. Paul said he notice an alter to "The unknown god". Paul then proceeded to tell them the gospel so they could
know these life saving God.
Their reaction-most sneered or dismissed this "babbler".
Scripture records that Dionsius and Damaris and others with them were saved.
A handful of people were saved-not thousands like at Pentecost.
Did it matter? Yes to those who received pardon, eternal life and peace with God.
Two thousand years later the idols are in museums. Those who received the gospel are in Heaven. The arrogant rebels of the gospel are in Hell. There are churches in Athens today.
You are in the Arena.
Are you willing to compete for the glory of God and the eternal destiny of those arrogant people like Paul was?

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Football Pick'em Week 10

Dear Football Pick'em players
What have you learned this year.? Tebow still does not have Herschel's TD record though by some fluke they do not count the Goal Line Stalker's 5 bowl TD's. Don't wear black helmets if you do not hunkerdown. Boo Boo can be contained but not shut out. He has four victories followed by Bone's 2, Pork 1, George Law's one 1, and My 1 winning week.
David "Bone" Hulsey beat young Lewis Perry and John Pless in the tiebreaker.
Bone has 2 wins and trails Mike "Boo Boo" Smith.
Hunker down it is a big week in high school regular season.
1.Buford at GAC -Buford
2. Chestatee at Creekview-Creekview
3. Dawson County at Riverside-Riverside
4. East Jackson at Jefferson-Jefferson
5. Gainesville at Flowery Branch-Gainesville
6. Jackson County at Stephens County-Stephens County
7. Lakeview at Athens Christian-Athens Christian
8. Lumpkin County at North Hall-NH
9. Pickens at East Hall-East Hall
10. Prince Avenue at Commerce-Commerce
11. Union County at Banks County-Banks
12. White County at Gilmer-White County
13. West Forsyth at West Hall-West Forsyth
14. Boise State at Louisiana Tech- La Tech Upset special
15. Illinois at Minnesota- Minnesota
16. Purdue at Michigan-Michigan
17. Wake Forest at GT-GT
18. Florida State at Clemson-Florida State
19. South Carolina at Arkansas-Arkansas
20. Oklahoma at Nebraska-Oklahoma
21. Kansas at Kansas State- Kansas State
22. Texas A&M at Colorado-Colorado
23. Florida Atlantic at UAB-Florida Atlantic
24. Duke at North Carolina-Duke
25. UTEP ast Tulane-UTEP
26. Washington at UCLA-UCLA
27. Oregon at Stanford-Stanford
28. LSU at Bama-Bama
29. Oregon State at California-California
30. Houston at Tulsa-Houston
31. Colorado State at UNLV - Colorado State
32. Tennessee Tech at Georgia-Georgia
33. Washington at Falcons-Falcons
34. Baltimore at Cincinnati-Cincinnati
35. Arizona at Chicago-Arizona
#1 Will Georgia wear Black Helmets?No-because they will be crushed and the pieces will never be found.
#2 Will Georgia win by more than 30?Yes
#3 Passing yards by Matt Ryan -225

Have Fun this week.
In Christ Alone!


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Football Pick'em Week 9: Stop BOO BOO

It's Trick or Treat time and we have to stop Mike "Boo Boo" Smith and the Mighty Gators from winning.
The Gators and Boo Boo must be tricked.
This week we brought in a young gun Graham "G-Unit" Law to put the "Quietus" [An Erk Russell expression for stop] on Boo Boo. As we remember Erk let's hope for the spirit of Junkyard Defense past to return and and put Florida's Urban out on REFORMATION day in the spirit of John Knox.
Have fun this week.
Enjoy Graham's challenging picks.

In Christ Alone!



1. Westminster @ Buford

2. Commerce @ Social Circle

3. West Hall @ East Hall

4. Johnson @ Gainesville

5. Athens Academy @ Lakeview

6. Gilmer @ North Hall

7. Riverside @ Union County

8. Pickens County @ White County


9. Duke @ Virginia

10. N.C. State @ Florida State

11. Georgia Tech @ Vanderbilt

12. Miami of Fla. @ Wake Forest

13. Rutgers @ Connecticut

14. Southern Miss. @ Houston

15. S.M.U. @ Tulsa

16. Tulane @ L.S.U.

17. Central Michigan @ Boston College

18. U.N.L.V. @ T.C.U.

19. Notre Dame VS. Washington State

20. Ole Miss @ Auburn

21. Georgia VS. Florida

22. Mississippi State @ Kentucky

23. South Carolina @ Tennessee

24. New Mexico State @ Ohio State


25 Minnesota Vikings @ Green Bay Packers

26. New York Giants @ Philadelphia Eagles

Tie Breaker

#1 Tebow's eye black will have what book on of the Bible-
Old Testament, Gospel, Epistle, Acts [History], or Revelation[Prophetic]?
#2 What will AJ Green's pass reception yardage be?
#3 How many rushing TD's will Tebow score Saturday?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Football Pick'em Week 8, It's a Boo Boo World and Your Just A Mere Cloud

Pickers don't give up. Mike is 2 to 3 games up, but do not give up. Georgia did once beat Florida if history serves me right. George Law has already picked a Dawg upset two weeks early. Love the spirit "Junebug". Keep the optimism everyone. Don't stop picking. We can get it done.

Let's get it on.

1. Chestatee at NH-NH
2. East Hall at Johnson- Johnson
3, Flowery Branch at West Forsyth-FB
4. Gainesville at Gilmer- Gainesville
5. Riverside at Oglethorpe County -RMA
6. Georgia Tech at Virginia-GT
7. UCONN at West Virginia -WV
8. South Florida at Pitt- USF
9. Clemson at Miami-Miami
10. Arkansas at Ole Miss-Arkansas[Forgive me Archie.]
11. Oklahoma at Kansas-Kansas
12. Maryland at Duke-Duke
13. Tennessee at Bama-Bama
14. Boston College at ND-ND
15. Wake Forrest at Navy-Navy
16. UCLA at Arizona - UCLA
17.. TCU at BYU- TCU
18. Auburn at LSU-LSU
19. Oregon State at USC-USC
20. Florida at Mississippi State- Florida
21. Falcons at Cowboys- Falcons

Tie Breaker
#1 Does Gainesville get over 450 yards total offense against Gilmer?YES
#2 Tim Tebow rushing TD's-2
#3 Tebow's eye black have a gospel , epistle or Old Testament verse? Epistle
Tebow goes Pauline on 'em in Stark Vegas.

Have Fun.
In Christ Alone!


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Trick or Treat: Men at/or not at Worship.

Our church plant Redeemer Baptist is reaching out to the unchurched people of Hall County with a special interest in unchurched men.
In perspective I am 50 years old. I quickly listed seventy five names of unchurched people ten years older and ten years younger than myself. The practical reasons are divorce, job hours, just relocated etc. Their is a need here for these men, women and families who are not in worship to know Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord and to worship him.
I have a read a book recently Why Men Hate Going To Church.
The book gives reasons like church is not relevant, the church is geared to women by thermostat and format since women dominate church life and attendance in most American churches. The book says though 95% of the churches have male clergy the churches are mostly dominated by women so. The books general conclusion is to do things for men to make church palatable or a nicer more acceptable choice.

This takes me to a place where I am. At WAR.

I am at war because this world has deceived our men women and children.
At war with society,friends and family and others I love, who scripture does not tell us are not there [in worship] because we do not have motorcycle rallies, i-phone giveaways or wild game suppers. I am at war because the lie and sting of sin in all of our lives have been diluted by the world and the only saving gospel of Jesus Christ has been kept from people.
The often church and myself have foolishly linked being in church with being in a right relationship with God.
Get this straight if you are in a right relationship with God trough the redemptive work of Jesus Christ as He atoned for you to be made right with God by His murder on the cross-No One could keep you from worship-BUT YOU!
The question I have to ask people I love, who see the one who gives Christian witness as the enemy is -ARE YOU AN ENEMY OF GOD?
Hey we are only human. We work hard, we are busy, we are tired and we are only human right?
Right and that is the problem. We are enemies of God because we have taken HIS place of importance. If you read this and do not think this applies to you YOU ARE IN ETERNAL DANGER.
John Wesley to the early Methodists asked them in the 1700's "Do you desire to flee the wrath to come?" Jesus taught of the dangers of hell more than anybody in the Bible. Friends the wrath is not about not being a bad person in our society. The wrath of God will be poured out on those not in relationship by the work only Jesus Christ could do at the cross.
The wrath is the wrath of God poured out on unredeemed humanity as God gives the most severe punishment to all unrighteousness humans. That is all unredeemed people. Arrogant in the eyes of God.
The prophet Isaiah says in Isaiah 64:7 "But we are like an unclean thing, And all our righteousnesses are like filthy rags; We all fade as a leaf, And our iniquities, like the wind, Have taken us away." Our good deeds are seen as filthy rags before the Lord. My friends that's the bad news. Arrogant people do not worship because they do not see the need to. What sin ? , I'm a good person at heart is their response.
They often ask the stupidest question ever when they say things like "I can not believe that a how a loving God would send any one to Hell.? Scripture descries God as loving but also as jealous and a consuming fire. You can not meet His standards and he can not lesson his righteousness and tolerate sin. He is Sovereign and can not diminish the only goodness in existence.
Jesus Christ the Babe of Christmas took our punishment and God placed his righteousness on us by having the wrath of humanity poured out on Him instead of God's people. Our salvation It is undeserved but given by grace for no reason than God's gracious pleasure.

Romans 5: 6-10 [NKJV] For when we were still without strength in due time Christ died for the ungodly. For scarcely will a righteous man will one die; yet perhaps for a good man some-one would even dare to die. But God demonstrates His own love towards us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us, Much more then, having now been justified by his blood, we shall be saved from wrath trough him. For if when we were ENEMIES we were reconciled to God through the death of His Son, much more, having been reconciled, we shall be saved by His life. And not only that, but we also rejoice in God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through Him we have now received the reconciliation."
A great price was paid. Christ perfect life for our sins! Men do not "Try Jesus" Give Him your life your worship. You are an enemy with God if you do not worship Him for salvation. When enemies of God hear the first commandment "To have no other gods before Me." They have placed yourself on the throne as the deity in your life and you are in rebellion as much as the worst terrorist on earth!
Every Sunday we worship at Redeemer we will read a part of the Law that we are told to meditate on day and night in scripture, We will better know the character of Christ and the love of Christ who would save a wretch like me.
I love all my friends and family and care for readers who I do not know to not share the gospel that through Jesus Christ life death and Resurrection that you yes you will be ransomed, pardoned and eventually made whole by the King of Creation.
I love you to much not to present and confess that and I beg your forgiveness if I have failed to share the good news with you.
I love you too much to not present the gospel to you. The way of the world is death.
Worshiping the King is life. You now the other way. Live life, pray to the Father, repent of your sins, turn to Jesus for mercy, He will hear your humbled heart. Be born again. He is worthy of worship and made Himself so.
Men do not be tricked.

In Christ Alone!


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Football Pick'em week week 7

I feel like Jonathan Crompton the Tennessee Quarterback. It takes a while but I'm catching on. I won week 6. Bet CBS college football commentator David Pollack wishes he had never coined the trem of being "INCROMPOTENT" in describing the Tennessee QB's previous bad outings.
Pickers watch what you say. It's just a game but real people play them.
Let's get it on.

1. North Hall at Pickens County-NH
2. White County at Chestatee- White County
3. East Hall at Flowery Branch-FB
4. Johnson at West Forsyth -West Forsyth
5. Prince Avenue at Lakeview-Lakeview and the Gruhn Gang
6. Fannin County at Riverside -RMA
7. Texas at Oklahoma [played in Dallas] - Texas
8. Iowa at Wisconsin -Wisconsin
9. Louisville at UCONN -Louisville
10. UGA at Vandy -UGA
11. Appalachain State at Wofford -Wofford
12. Texas Tech at Nebraska -Texas Tech
13. Virginis Tech at GT -VT
14. South Carolina at Bama -South Carolina by a visor
15. Kentucky at Auburn - Auburn
16.Memphis at Southern Miss-Memphis-[Tommy gets it done,avenges Bowers. Conference USA don't mess with our Gainesville coaches!]
17. Navy at SMU -SMU
18 Wake Forrest at Clemson -Wake
19. USC at Notre Dame -Notre Dame
20. Falcons host Bears - FALCONS
Tie Breaker
Number 1- Does Notre Dame wear home green jersies Saturday against USC? YES
Number 2-How many Dawg AJ Green receiving yards against Vandy? 99
Number 3-How many Falcon Roddy White receiving yards against Da Bears? 45

As my high school Coach Bobby Gruhn used to say in his pre-game prayer
"Play hard, fair and square like Your Son taught us to in the book."
Have fun this week!


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Football Pick'em week6

Week six and the Dawgs need another strategy to win other than having a wide receiver block a last second field goal to not lose.
Let's get it on.

*** *** *** New rule. You must number your picks & have tie-breaker. Missing some games has cost some pickers.

1. Chestatee at Gilmer My Pick The T
2. East Hall at Gainesville My Pick Big Red
3. Flowery Branch at NH My Pick NH
4. Johnson at West Hall My Pick Johnson
5. Lakeview at Social Circle My pick Social Circle
6. Cross Keys at Buford My pick Buford
7. Commerce at Athens Christian My pick Commerce

8. Georgia at Tennessee My Pick UGA
9 Bama at Ole Miss My Pick OLE MISS Bring it Saban !
10. Auburn at Arkansas My Pick-Arkansas
11. Florida at LSU My Pick UF Tebow with half a brain lobe tied behind his back
12. Kentucky at South Carolina My Pick South Carolina
13. Vandy at Army My pick Vandy
14. FSU at GT My Pick GT
15. Michigan at Iowa My Pick Iowa
16. Air Force at TCU My Pick TCU
17. Duke at NC State My pick NC State
18. Southern Miss at Louisville My pick Southern Miss
19. Houston at Mississippi State My pick Houston
20. BYU at UNLV My pick BYU
21. Fresno State at Hawaii My pick Fresno

Pro Game
22. Falcons at 49'Er's My Pick Falcons

Tie Breaker-1
Celebration penalties in the UGA UT game My Pick 0
Tie breaker #2
Total points UGA vs, UT game-- My pick 47
Tie Breaker #3
Total receiving yards by UGA's AJ Green 99

Have Fun this week.
Praise the LORD!


Friday, October 2, 2009

David Letterman and Middle Age Crazyness

David Letterman dropped a bomb on his audience Thursday night as he described he did some "terrible things" with some staff members. In other words the married Letterman and father of a six year old son disclosed this in beating the tabloids to disclosure his affairs. Is this judging? No.
This is his disclosure, not to be confused with confession or repentance.
Dave disclosed in a "wacky" [one of his favorite words] way.
Dave was being blackmailed by a CBS producer of the news show 48 hours.
The audience reportedly laughed and applauded the disclosure on TV.

I'm not judging just commenting.
Dave has been a grumpy old man the last few years. His savage attacks on George W. Bush, Sarah Palin and her daughter went from satire to disgusting in any view. Once a fun loving young man on camera he is a scowling presence I have not cared to tune in the last few years.

Dave might could learn from King David. Absolute power corrupts.
I wonder if the gap toothed, hair thinning aging man in his mid-fifties all of a sudden thought "Hey young girls must think I'm sexy."
What he needs to understand is that money, fame and prestige are what people want.
As someone in town said about a adulterous business man said-
"Women did not want what was in the front of his pants but the back of his pants, his wallet."
If he publicly confesses many will want to say it's his business not yours.
His business spread in the hurt of his family, others and their family publicly.
Letterman did say something about mid-western Lutheran guilt.
Every one has guilt. Some hide it some follow what King David did.

Dave follow Luther know you are sinner. Like the rest of us you sinned. Unlike us yours was very public by choice. choice of vocation and success.
Read Luther he deals with sin.
And read the scriptures about another David who had greater fame than you could fathom if you are not too drunk with importance..
Psalm 51:1-2 says"Have mercy on me. oh God. according to your steadfast love; according to your abundant mercy blot out my transgressions. Wash me thoroughly from my iniquity, and cleanse me from my sin!"
That's advice we all have to take to make it right through the blood of Jesus Christ.
Christ interceded to atone for our sins and to make us right with God.
A good Neilson rating will not help any of us with our sin problem.

In Christ Alone!


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Football Pick'em Week 5-Oct..2-4

Winners so far-Boo Boo twice, Bone, Pork. Somebody without a nickname has got to win this weekend.
It's big conference and Region weekend up so buckle up or as we say in church "gird up your loins."

1. Athens Academy at Commerce-My Pick Athens Academy
2. West Forsyth at Gainesville- My Pick GHS
3. Creekview at Johnson My pick-Creekview
4. White County at North Hall-My pick North Hall
5. West Hall at Flowery Branch - My Pick Flowery Branch

6. LSU at Georgia-My Pick Dawgs
7. Bama at Kentucky- My pick Bama
8. Arkansas vs. Texas A&M- My Pick Arkansas
9. Auburn at Tennessee- My pick Auburn
10. Georgia Tech at Mississippi State- My pick MISTAKE [MSU]
11. Ole Miss at Vandy - My Pick Ole Miss[sorry Broderick]
12. Oklahoma at Miami - My Pick Oklahoma
13. Michigan at Michigan State- My pick Michigan
14. Air Force at Navy-My pick Navy
15. Southern Cal at California- My pick Southern Cal
16. Jets at Saints -My Pick Saints

Tie breaker #1 Sewanne at Centre College [Ben Pless gets it done on short yardage at OT for the Episcopalians] My pick-Sewanee
Tie Breaker #2 Belhaven College at at Faulkner My pick - Belhaven
Tie Breaker #3 Receiving yards by UGA's A.J. Green 89 yds

Have Fun this week.
Come to our first worship service Sunday on October 4th At Riverside Chapel across from
Little Italy. We will worship once a month [the first Sunday each month] till Easter.
Then we will be going every Sunday.


Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Law Of The LORD is Perfect in Converting the Soul, why evangelize any other way?

A discussion about evangelism can get many opinions.
I have had many discussions lately about using the law [10 commandments] in evangelism.
Psalm 19:7 says "The Law of the LORD is perfect, converting the soul: the testimony of the LORD is sure, making wise the simple."
Paul wrote " What shall we say then? Is the law sin? Certainly not! I would have not known I sin except through the law. ---" [Romans 7:7]
Galatians 3:13 says "Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law."
We use the law to begin evangelism. People need to know what they are convicted from-which is sin-then they are humbled and see the need for salvation-and a Savior.
But their is a curse and it is the consequences of our sin in breaking the law.
We must know we are sinners needing to be saved.
And thanks be to God Jesus Christ saves us from our sins.
Galatians 3:13 further says "having become a curse for us, as it is written cursed is anyone who hangs on a tree."
Jesus used the law in evangelism. [Matthew 19:16-22]
I think I will use the law then in evangelism.

Georgia Bulldog coach Mark Richt has a radio talk show.
Fans call in to give advice disguised as questions. They know football, they think, more than this championship coach.
The LORD is sovereign and gives COMMANDMENTS.
King Jesus used the law - the commandments in evangelism.
If a coach can get frustrated with fans- then how much more will THE KING be frustrated when we know a better way to evangelize.
The Law of the LORD is perfect, in converting the soul" [Psalm 19:7]
If the law is perfect in conversion of sinners to saints I guess I can not improve on evangelism technique.

In Christ Alone!

Fletcher Law

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Football Pick'em week 4

This weeks schedule will be ramped up like the most popular red head in Georgia since Tommy Nobis-Joe Cox! At least for this week. Dawg fans are tough. This week is tougher.

1. North Hall at Creekview My pick -Creekview
2. Riverside at East Jackson My Pick -East Jackson
3. Pickens at Chestatee. My Pick -Chestatee
4. Flowery Branch at Johnson My Pick Flowery branch
5. Lincoln County at Commerce My pick-Lincoln County
6. Gainesville at West Hall My pick-Gainesville
7. Decatur at Buford My pick- Buford makes
Decatur pay for Junebug's GHS '46 loss

8. Arkansas at Alabama My Pick-Bama
9. Arizona State at Georgia My pick-Dawgs
10. TCU at Clemson My pick-TCU
11. South Florida at Florida State My pick-FSU
12. North Carolina at Georgia Tech My Pick -GT
13. Miami at Virginia Tech My Pick-Miami
14. Texas Tech at Houston My Pick- Texas Tech
15. Fresno State at Cincinnati My Pick - Cincinnati
16. Atlanta Falcons at New England Patriots My pick- NE but hate it.

Tie breaker
#1 Georgia Southern at Elon My pick-Elon
#2 Shorter at Faulkner My pick- Shorter
#3 Gainesville High total offense against West Hall - My pick 425 yards

Have fun this week. Read John chapter 4 on worship. Go Birds make me wrong.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Joel Osteen Infects Baptist And Christian Thought

Baptist and all Christians need a vaccine from the Pentecostal derived health and wealth "Best Life Now" thinking.
It's been a few years since that book from Osteen came out and now the symptoms are hitting good Baptist thought that now bends towards a "PentaBaptist" life view in our lay people. Some good folks think - "I pushed the right buttons and pulled the right levers and ta da look what I got God to do for me!" We had the germ [book]. Now we have the symptoms.
Katrina, family illness, unemployment, were not here because we did not think right. We can cause our own problems for sure but we can not live in a sovereignty of Satan. If we believe that way we are living in a voodoo culture where we need a shaman to help us with an incantation to get things right.
People who do right often suffer. Innocent kids are suffer in agonizing lives. Senior citizens are neglected. Some of our best missionaries live on pennies in the third world.
People who do wrong often prosper in our economy.
Some think this best life is so great they can not envision a better one.
Some are in poverty and oppression and look expectantly to be by the throne of Heaven.
They are looking in the right place.
Where does our help come from?
Our positive thoughts like in the book The Secret?
Does our help come from manipulation of the Almighty?

"I will lift up my eyes to the hills. From where does my help come? My help comes from the Lord, who made Heaven and earth. He will not let your foot be moved: he who holds you will not slumber nor sleep. The LORD is your keeper; the LORD is your shade on your right hand.
The sun shall not strike you by day, nor the moon by night. The LORD will keep you from all evil; he will keep your life. The Lord will keep your going pout and your going in from this time firth and forevermore." Psalm 121 [ESV]

Justice, mercy and grace will prevail but the LORD never said in this evil. world.

In Christ Alone!

Fletcher Law

Monday, September 14, 2009

The Problem with God: Men Measure Jehovah and find Him Lacking

As a church planter I am constantly amazed when people, especially men, turn from God as if a better flavor Deity will come up that will serve them better.
Their is a book entitled "Why Men Hate Going To Church".
Some of the reasons listed for men not wanting to go to church are
-Church does not relate to manly men.
-The church does not live up to the idol of what is RELEVANT to sinful man.
-Church is too feminized. We have mostly male pastors. But women run most churches.
-Thermostat. The worship, music, sermons are set to women. [Probably because in most churches women are the largest in number.]

God seeks man. Sinful man does not seek God

Men hear about a friend called Jesus that will be their life coach, pilot or is it co-pilot
and the bestest buddy they could ever want. We can get that from Dr. Phil. Sinful man can take or leave that.

The Bible speaks about our identity and God's.

Then the Bible says we are sinners [Romans 3:23].
And James 4:4 says we are enemies of God.
So God does not see himself as a bestest buddy who can be treated any way
and then be snapped at for reconciliation.

God does not see himself as a partner but as King.
God says he is love. [[1 john4:16]
God says He is a consuming fire. [Deuteronomy 4:24]
God has the audacity to be jealous. [Exodus 20:5]
And God says he is Holy. [Leviticus 19:2].
King David rightly declared there is no one else like the LORD.
God declares himself King not buddy. He demands to be worshipped as such.
It's true the president can be friends with his barber but the president is still the president.
The president might be the barbers friend but he will not ask the barber for permission to run the country.

Men have an identity problem. They can not see that they are sinners. The first commandment is broken most. Many men's god is in their mirror.
Men also have an identifier problem in that they do not see God as the Sovereign King of the universe whose blessings given and withheld control their life.
Men abhor the laws of this king.
The king who holds the keys to life and salvation is deemed unworthy by sinful man.

God Almighty unbelievably seeks us!
Moses approached the Lord in Exodus 3 as the Lord appeared as a burning bush.
The Lord commanded Moses to take off his sandals because he was standing on holy ground.
I think the Lord put Moses feet in the dirt a the presence of the Lord as the Lord was a fire.
Man came from dirt. The Lord was in a fire that would not ever be extinguished.
Moses could not approach God in the fire but God has approached man.

We can not go to Mount Horab to see the fire or Mount Sinai..
We can approach Mount Calvary where Jesus Christ took on our sin and paid for our sins
by taking our punishment with his death on the cross. We can receive the results of Jesus Christ righteousness as we receive the blessings of Christ as his perfect life is ceded to us. We are made right with God and receive salvation and eternal life.
That is relevant. That is worthy of worship. that's our king.
He has always declared himself relevant.
He declared it forever at Calvary.

In Christ Alone!


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pain In Taking Up The Cross

When we take up the cross and we follow the "Man of Sorrows". We are not, in conversion to Christ, then made immune from sickness, heart break or tragedy.
I have heard many discussions about "Why do bad things happen to good people?". I have heard reformed theologian R.C.Sproul answer shortly and simply "What good people?".
The psalmist David says you and I were born in iniquity. Being sinners is our state on earth.
When one of us not good people are redeemed by the imputed righteousness of Jesus Christ,
the world knows the difference when sickness, heart break and tragedy happen in their lives.

One of the greatest young women I have ever known is Abbey Hulsey Ayers.
It is hard to believe that she is twenty eight years old. I taught her years ago as I was fortunate
to be her elementary PE teacher years ago at Tadmore Elementary School.
As the national news reported last week her husband Pastor Jonathan Paul Ayers was gunned down by police in a colossal mistake. This horrible tragedy will be unwoven in the court system later. Pastor Ayers was a young pastor of Shoal Creek Baptist Church in Lavonia, GA. He unexpectedly and needlessly lost his life in a violent fashion.
This young lady was sixteen weeks pregnant at the time her husband was shot by undercover Georgia Bureau of Investigation agents. What does a believer do when horror of a needless loss of life happens in their lives and changes it forever?

The death of Pastor Ayers was on a Wednesday. The funeral was on the following Friday.
What does the widowed expectant mother do? She gives the altar call at her slain husband's
funeral. Two people came forward to profess saving faith in Jesus Christ. These two people are now citizens of heaven as a result or her response to horror.
Their is a difference in the redeemed of Christ.

In Christ Alone!

Fletcher Law

Does God Care About Football? Football Pick'Em Week 3

Some people have cracked that their should be no prayer at football games. Their reasoning is that "God does not care who wins a football game." My answer -"God cares about everything- our health, travel mercies, our behavior." Whether public prayer should be held at government secular event is another matter for another blog.
In my opinion a football game is more important than any sparrow or how many hairs are on somebodies' head.
As for God I know he cares about how he is worshiped and received.
Now some fun stuff.

Here we go for a big football week on week 3.

1. North Hall @ Gainesville My Pick-Big Red
2. Johnson @ Pickens My Pick Pickens
3. North Oconne @ Riverside My pick-RMA
4. White County @ West Hall My pick-White County
5. North Georgia Christian @ Skipstone My Pick-NGCS

6. UGA @ Arkansas My Pick-Dawgs
7. West Virginia @ Auburn My Pick-Turky Buzzards [AU]
8. Tennessee @ Florida My Pick- Florida[Tebow over evil punk]
9. Louisville @ Kentucky My Pick-UK
10. Mississippi State @ Vanderbilt My Pick-[MisTake] MSU
11. Florida State @ BYU My Pick-FSU
12. Nebraska @ Virginia Tech My Pick-Va.Tech
13. Carolina Panthers at Atlanta Falcons My Pick -ATL BIRDS
Tiebreaker #1-How many interceptions will Panther QB Jake DelHomme throw?* 2
Tiebreaker #2-Rushing yards for Falcon Michael Turner? *122

This weks schedule is harder than a Mitch Strickland flipper to the face.

Have Some Fun This Week.
In Christ Alone,


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Bible Study First Topic -Why Church?

Why Church? Will be answered at the Bible study starting next Sunday Night, September 13th,
6:30 PM at Jack Waldrip Real Estate located on 200West Academy Street in downtown Gainesville Georgia next to the library. This is the first of our weekly bible studies starting this week.

Why Church?
Jesus thought it was important as He went to church [synagogue] as was His habit the scripture records.
God commands it, DEMANDS it, and changes his people in it.
You will not hear pop psychology or therapy.
No free I-pod drawing.
What changes people is the word of God.
We will have great fellowship, come casual and maybe go out afterwards.
We will not waste your time .
This is a Bible study that through God's revealed Word can change your life, family and eternity.

In Christ Alone!


WEEK 2 Football Pick'em for For the weekend of Sept. 11-13

People often ask "Does God care who wins a football game?"
Lou Holtz answered the question and said "No but His mother does."

Last weeks winner- David "Bone" Hulsey on the tiebreaker
over Helen Perry and Kaitlin Law, all with just 1 loss.
The year end season winner will get a steak dinner from Longstreet Cafe at our
"Most Esteemed by All Men Banquet" after the UGA-Tech game.

Here we go for week 2.
These picks are as tough to choose as the 1969
Candler Street Greenies and Enota Rams
[Historical note: Scrambler QB Johnny Pless led the Greenies in a convincing win over the David Dukes led Ram defense. It was then on to the Toy Bowl and glory for the Greenies]

1.Chestatee vs. Johnson
My pick-Johnson
2.Flowery Branch vs. Creekview
My Pick- Flowery Branch
3.Gainesville at White County
My Pick-Gainesville
4.Riverside at Rabun County
My Pick-Riverside [cadets getting tougher]
5. Lakeview at Hebron Christian
My Pick- Lakeview [Gruhn getting it done]

[Tech vs. Clemson left off because it is a Thursday night game}
6.Georgia vs. South Carolina
My Pick-UGA, don't give up the bone.
7.Auburn vs. Mississippi State
My Pick-Aurburn [Smart guys, the N stands for Nowledge]
8.Tennesse vs. UCLA
My Pick UT in the battle of punk coaches
9.Virginia vs. TCU
My Pick-TCU
10. Notre Dame at Michigan
My Pick ND

11. Tie Breaker
#1 Atlanta Falcons vs. Miami Dolphins
My Pick- Falcons
#2 Matt Ryan Passing yards
My Pick-225 yards

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

For Amusement Only

As those little white cards Craig West used to pass in high school my picks are for
*For Amusement only*!
We are in week 2 for high schools and we are waiting for colleges to kick off.
The year end winner will get a Dairy Queen milkshake and great esteem among all men.

Alabama vs. Virginia Tech. My pick Bama
Auburn vs. Louisiana Tech My pick La. Tech
Georgia at Oklahoma State My pick Georgia
Ole Miss at Memphis My pick. Ole Miss

Gainesville High at Franlin County My pick GHS
Lakeview at Towns County My pick Towns
North Hall at Buford My pick Buford
Riverside vs. Banks County My pick Riverside
Georgia Tech vs. Jacksonville State My pick with caveats Georgia Tech

Tie breaker- Number of yards Richard Samuels gains against Oklahoma State?
My pick -.128 yards
To play you must answer on the comment section of the blog and register with google or however you can respond.
I can do it so can you.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bible Study News-No Tippy Toeing


When: The Sunday after Labor Day, September 13TH, 6:30 PM,
Where: Jack Waldrip Real Estate, 200 West Academy, Gainesville, Georgia.
What Subject: Why Church?

We will start soon. We will start the Sunday after Labor Day on Sept. 13Th at 6:30 PM at Jack Waldrip Real Estate.
If you think how my Daddy thinks, the Bible Study starts the Sunday after the Georgia-South Carolina game.
It matters.
Lives, salvation, eternities, self being and families depend on this Book.
We will study the very words of God Almighty, not a inspired book.
Hallmark cards are inspired.
We will study how The Ancient of Days demands, yes demands, to be approached and worshiped.
We will study in His word by the Spirit that Jesus Christ is worthy of worship.
We will see how Jesus Christ worshipped and demands worship because He has made himself worthy- and led captives out of captivity.
When the great Martin Luther was challenged by his foes about his view of faith in Christ alone for salvation , Luther thanked his foes for not trifling with little things but on this essential of faith and salvation in Christ alone.
It's football time. I will quote an old coach "Don't tippy toe up here-have a purpose!"
As ex-Auburn coach Pat Dye said when he once challenged the Dawgs "Are you man enough?"
Let's get in the Word together. Be there.

In Christ Alone!

Fletcher Law

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Why Another New Church?

Redeemer Baptist Church Information Meeting
Wednesday Night August 26Th
7:30 PM
Jack Waldrip Real Estate Office
200 West Academy Street in Gainesville next to the library.

Why another new church?
We are in the plans to start a new church for the unchurched and especially target unchurched men. Why men? Women will go to church. Men stop people from going to church.
But a changed man changes his life and the life of others around him.

But how do you get the unchurched into church?
A friend of mine said it's like trying to build a car for people that do not drive.
The plan is simple but hard. Show them Jesus in friendship, in worship and life and witness of the Word with words. It's simple but hard to do. So then the plan of the church is to do it together.

We will have an Information meeting this week. We will share plans on a soon to happen Bible study and we will not waste any one's time. Everyone, especially men hate wasted time.
We will maximize our time with a casual but serious Bible study on the what, who,why, when and how of salvation. Our Bible time is to precious to spend on trivial stuff.
Join us. Salvation is essential. You knowing about it is essential for you, family and friends.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Redeemer Baptist Church Plant Info Update

We had our first information tonight Sunday 8/16. Nice turnout.

Next step

*"Launch team" -[church plant talk for volunteer workers] will meet
at Jack Waldrip Real Estate at 7:30 Wednesday Night August 19th.
What to do?
*Contact list.
*Invitation cards.
*Plan to invite people to he nest "Information Meeting"
on Wednesday August 16th at Jack Waldrip Real Estate at 10:30
*Talk about music and technology.
Harvest and workers. Need workers.

In Christ Alone!

Fletcher Law

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Redeemer Baptist First meeting Info- Prayer

Redeemer Baptist Church Information Meeting
This Sunday Night, August 16 Th, 6:00 PM
Jack Waldrip Real Estate Office
Dress casual [shorts, Jeans OK]

Redeemer Baptist Church


LORD in in Heaven and our Sovereign King.
Hear our prayer.
I confess of nervousness and look to my short comings
and not your provision and providence.
You have given us a place to meet and plan in a palace at Jack Waldrip Real Estate office.
You have given us a show place to worship in in the future
at Riverside Chapel/Memorial Park North.
You have given us people with ears to hear to attend.
All before we ever met together.
You knew of this meeting long ago.
We pray to walk where you lead us.
May Christ be glorified in my life, family and all of our ministry.
Because He will be.
We want His glory in our obedience, love and anguish for the lost, in worship,
edification, prayer and evangelism.

In Jesus Saving name. Amen.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Never Say Never Again, CHURCH PLANTING blog#2

Yes, when I was a young pastor I once said "I'm not sure we need any more churches." I Never should have said that.

'Never Say Never Again' is of course a James Bond movie title. That movie title reminds me of the words I am eating. I have no similarities to the cool James Bond except my uncle Hunky gave me a James Bond Aston Martin DB5 car model from the movie Goldfinger for Christmas long ago. It had an ejector seat, bullet proof rear windshield glass and these spears that came out of the axle to cut the tires of other spy cars, along with hidden pop out machine guns, like on a fighter pilot's plane.

As many of you know I am working on a church plant [start]. Church planting is a ministry many churches, individuals and Christian ministries are participating in through out the world.

Mike Taylor, a church plant specialist with the Chattahoochee Baptist Association, has talked with me over the last two years. I answered the call to plant a church this summer. This is an unfunded project. If the LORD breathes life in this church He will have ways to give it life.

My vision is simple. Start a church for unchurched people in Gainesville. We will specifically target unchurched men, and also women. I am especially working in recruiting men because of the crisis in male participation in the life of most churches. The struggling church often suffers because of no leadership from men in church and the home. The mom and kids will try to attend. They will many times stop attending in frustration due to the lack of male leadership.

Why church plants?

Many people will join a group of friends with similar backgrounds. We are going after men, along with women kids and adults of all ages; but again we are targeting unchurched men. I feel and am convinced by many with experience that a church plant is a great way to evangelize and disciple those who have lived outside of salvation and the church. I feel strongly called to this church in the forming stage called Redeemer Baptist Church.

Please pray that we will always pursue God's will and worship and serve under biblical authority.

Please join in with us or share with me people this church could benefit.

Our first Information meeting is on Sunday August 16th at the Jack Waldrip Real Estate office on 200 West Academy Street a 6:00 p.m. We will be in casual dress socialize and have a short [8 minute] meeting. Future plans of worship will be discussed. You will learn how you can support us and participate to serve with us if you feel led. Friends who are active in your church please attend anyway. You can learn and share with people what you know about this ministry that could change their life, eternity and family.

In Christ Alone,

Fletcher Law

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Hello, this is my first blog. It is great to get the first blog started. It would be like my first touchdown in high school on an interception return but the quarterback, I’m embarrassed to say, got me. I never got that first high school touchdown. I will get it over the goal line here. My call is to preach the gospel.
The Lord has used me as a pastor, evangelist, school chaplain, football team chaplain, and in other ways to preach the gospel. I was the pastor of two churches from 1995-2001 and then was at Riverside Military Academy for eight years as their chaplain. After being at an all male boarding school I am convinced about the doctrine of total depravity, just kidding, though I am convinced on that doctrine.
The Lord has blessed me since leaving Riverside in June. I have had invitations to fill in preach at churches and serve as a youth camp bible teacher. I counseled and officiated a young coach's wedding. He has had me preaching, serving and teaching week to week through August. I have been privileged to preach the life changing gospel. Now I have to preach to myself.
God is sovereign and His call is sure- though it may be seen as foolish in our eyes when he calls someone like me who had to take speech classes in elementary school. It embarrassed me greatly back in school.
It’d O.K Mrs. Mundy was my beautiful young speach teacher and she looked like Marlo Thomas from the T.V. show 'That Girl'. I get over embarrassment quickly.
I need to look at my sovereign King and rest in the assurance of His call.
Pastor search committees for churches move slower than a preacher who wants to preach wants. I remember in the Baptist church of my youth it took almost two years to call a pastor. We got one finally. He resigned before his first Christmas. I guess pastor search committees can get frustrated also.
After a long break from college I moved back to Oxford, Mississippi to finish my degree at Ole Miss. I was married with a newborn. The local First Baptist pastor had just resigned.
We were going to join that church but I told my wife it would take two years for them to get a pastor. We moved back to Georgia two years exactly as I completed my degree.
That week the local Oxford Eagle newspaper on it’s headline read “First Baptist Announces New Pastor”. Frustrating. Lot’s of Baptist pastors but Baptist churches have a time finding pastors. During this two year time in Mississippi my family and I started attending a Methodist church in walking distance of where we lived. A few years later, I finally entered full time ministry but in the United Methodist denomination as apastor for six years, frst in Flowery Branch and the in Lula, Georgia. My DNA was Baptist and I was later ordained a Baptist preacher while I served in my first year as the Riverside Military Academy chaplain.
I have heard it said pastor search committees could hear Billy Graham and one member would say “let’s wait to we hear that next guy from Alabama”. A pessimist once said if a committee could not get the job done in six months they should be disbanded with no one on the old committee being allowed to serve on the new committee.
Again the Lord’s calling is sure. I need to be able to know from Isaiah 40:29-31 HCSB: “He gives strength to the weary and strengthens the powerless. Youths may faint and grow weary, and young men stumble and fall, but those who trust in the LORD will renew their strength; they will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary; they will walk and not faint.” I did not know where I would pastor before or that I would be a chaplain. He has had me preaching for fourteen plus years. I will trust Him. I will preach in a junkyard if He wants me to.